Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Concher #1


We are pleased to announce the publication of the inaugural issue of
The Concher.

#1 Poets:
Brent Armendinger ::: Adam Clay ::: Phillip Crymble ::: Darcie Dennigan :::
Ray Hsu ::: Tung-Hui Hu ::: Reb Livingston ::: Rebecca Loudon :::
Marc McKee ::: Kathleen Rooney & Elisa Gabbert ::: Craig Morgan Teicher :::
Samuel Wharton ::: Sarah Wolfson

#1 First Lines:
Say I say animal machine, would it make ::: The teenager's prosthetic limbs get stolen. ::: the vein in your throat candle blackbody ::: (it felt like an experiment at first) ::: Birds swing into the milk ::: were writing letters. Me or you, ::: There is a bruise to your breath, my love, that I swear you ::: He will want the vulture. He will put on a cotton button-down ::: My ghost walks through the door ::: Who become the parents of the trespassing ::: A perfect apple exists outside the realm of sense. ::: Recalling a symbolism once fixed and familiar, ::: Just inside the petting zoo the little goats ::: He writes the usual from Brazil. I know the place ::: The sweat of him ::: All over. Meaning lost or gone. A local idiom that speaks ::: People who call high school the best years ::: Parachute silk, iron ore, gasoline, ::: As if they would allow the star ::: The homeless man is in love with me.

#1 Truffles:
Espresso Caramel ::: Classic Ganache with Cacao Nibs ::: Pomegranate Ganache with Almond Marzipan ::: Milk Chocolate Ganache with Coconut and Curry ::: Whiskey Ganache ::: Orange White Chocolate Ganache with Hazelnuts.