Monday, January 18, 2010

The Concher 2 is here.

[update: we're sold out!]

The Concher 2 is a hand-stitched, hard-bound journal featuring poems by:

Kristin Abraham * Dan Beachy-Quick * Michelle Brown * Beth Coyote * Kirk Davis * Christopher DeWeese * Rebecca Dunham * Grace Egbert * Rae Gouirand * Matthew Henriksen * Matthew Hittinger * Alex Lemon * B.J. Love * Kristi Maxwell * Karyna McGlynn * Jennifer Metsker *Aimee Nezhukumatathil * Sean Norton * D.A. Powell & Haines Eason * Kate Schapira * Bronwen Tate * Andy Trebing * KC Trommer * Jen Tynes * Joshua Marie Wilkinson

The flavors we’ve chosen to compliment this batch of words are:

spicy cayenne * honey pistachio * lavender vanilla * peanut butter pretzel * pomegranate white chocolate * smoky orange caramel

For $22, you receive the journal, a box containing one truffle of each flavor, and priority shipping. Because we want you to enjoy the chocolates at their peak, we hope to have all orders in as soon as possible so we can ship promptly. Supplies are limited.

The chocolates are hand-crafted with fresh, natural ingredients (like Scharffen Berger chocolate, organic butter, honey, vanilla bean, fresh orange zest, lavender flowers…).

[Please note that, although only two of the flavors contain nuts, none of the chocolates are suitable for those with nut allergies, as we dip them in the same outer chocolate.]

Questions? Email us at