Friday, December 14, 2012

Winter Truffles 2012

Dear friend of Two Poet Truffles,

As some know, we are no longerTwo Poet Truffles, but Two Poets and a Four and a Half Month Old Truffles.  Vivian is our new "helper," and because of her, we aren't doing the full Two Poet holiday truffle extravaganza.  Instead, we have a fixed number of boxes that dad could make during naps and while bouncing the "helper" in a Bjorn. 

We went simple, sort of.  We are offering limited numbers of mixed boxes of six (3 salt caramels and 3 seriously dark chocolate with cacao nibs).  We also have limited boxes of a spicy variety.  This year it's six smoky chipotle and crunchy quinoa truffles per box. 

All boxes are $12.50.  Shipping is per address: $6 for 1-2 boxes, $10 for 3+. 

Please email to secure your orders.  We expect to sell out in a few days. We will respond with an invoice with a PayPal link or an address for sending a check.

Thank you for your past support and happy holidays.   Once again, but slightly differently: all proceeds go to clothe, house, and feed two poets and their progeny.

All Best,
Katie, Ryan, and Vivian