Friday, December 5, 2014

2014 truffles are here!

This year we are offering four options:

  • mixed boxes with one each of classic bittersweet with nibs, salt caramel, espresso, cardamom pistachio, orange port, and pomegranate white chocolate.  
  • full boxes of any one of the above flavors, your choice
  • box of 6 spicy cayenne truffles
  • box of 6 chocolate coated nougats with almond, orange, and cherry

We would like to have all orders in by Sunday, December 7th, Monday, December 8th, 1pm.  (After that date, please contact if interested...we may have some extra boxes.)

Just let us know, in an email, what you'd like and where the boxes are going.

The price is $12.50/box.  If you need them shipped, 1-3 boxes go for $7.50, 4+ for $11.  That is per address.  We use Priority Mail.  

Once we have your order, we will invoice you through Paypal.  If you prefer another way of paying, please let us know when you order.  (Reminder: checks must be made out to Ryan Flaherty or Katie Umans.)

Locals in NH can, of course, get hand delivery or arrange pickup.  Locals in Virginia can expect the same through our VA office.... Lexington area orders will be dropped off when we’re in town December 20-21.  Sorry all other states!

Again, we would like to have all orders in by Sunday, December 7th.  Boxes will ship by December 14th. 

Happy holiday season!

Ryan, Katie, & Vivian